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Added to a bath, used in massage, in your oil-burner, or blended with Chakra Body Essence, these essential oils provide an aromatherapy treatment that lasts all day.

Each blend helps you draw on the strengths of its elemental persona; Earth to Uplift, Water to Nurture, Fire to Inspire and Air to Awaken the senses!

Aromatherapy blends are available in a crystal energised Macadamia base oil or as pure essential oils.
Aromatherapy Oil Blends Pure Essential Oils  

180ml bottle
Pure essential oils in a nourishing base of refined Macadamia Oil, (high in vitamins A, D & E), with energising crystals.

The Earth oil blend grounds you, enhancing feelings of stability and increasing focus. Uses cypress, bergamot, geranium and frankincense.

Bringing you the sensitive, emotional sympathy of Water's essence; encouraging compassion, insight, romance and spiritual depth. Uses lavender, clary sage, marjoram and geranium.

The Fire blend brings passion and drive; motivating energy and achievement. Uses vetiver, myrhh, ylang, ylang and neroli.

The Air blend enhances communication and deepens personal connections; generating clear, creative thinking. Uses basil, lemongrass, patchouli and sandalwood.

12ml bottle
Simply the highest quality pure (1g/g) Grade 1 essential oils. A few drops in your aromatherapy vapouriser will enhance your home or office environment with a beautiful natural therapeutic fragrance. The pure oils can also be added to your bath or spa for total sensory indulgence! Collect all four blends to match your mood!