Introducing UBOX – High Intensity Focused Ultrasound


The new U-BOX delivers innovative face tightening and lifting with the best performance and safety guaranteed! With exclusive short pulse Centreless transducers, the U-Box delivers faster and more precise HIFU energy shots – minimising possible burn side effects, with less pain for clients and shorter treatment time!

Reduces deep wrinkles

Lifts & firms sagging skin

Tightens and smooths

Improves definition

Erases fine lines

Rejuvenates & refines

Reduces open pores

Contours and sculpts

Wipe away fine lines and look 5 to 10 years younger!

– it’s subtle surgery with no needles, no knife and no downtime!

TGA approved

Next Gen CENTRELESS HIFU transducer technology

High frequency (4, 7 & 10MHz) = faster, more accurate & precise delivery

Slim cartridge design, specifically to treat around eyes & mouth areas

Super portable – treat anywhere, anytime

Unique iPhone interface and connectivity across multiple devices

The benefits to your business

HIFU is revolutionary – a new and exciting technology for 3 key reasons

First, it is the closest technology to a true surgical face-lift; HIFU targets the SMAS (muscle layer of the skin) in exactly the same way as a Cosmetic Surgeon uses a Laser in a full face-lift, but after the skin is peeled back

Second – incredibly, there is NO damage to the skin surface = NO down-time!

Thirdly, HIFU offers your clients a REAL natural alternative to the needles and knife!

Learn how the UBOX HIFU can transform your Medi-Spa business. Complete the form and we will contact you very soon.