Client Testimonials

What Clients say about Heritage Healers Holistic Skin Care

“Heritage Healers helped me prepare for my wedding day, both internally and externally, Heritage Healers is the only skin care product I will use from now on.”

Corrine, Accounts Manager, 25 – NSW, Australia.

“I was first diagnosed with cystic acne at 11 years of age and for the next 9 years underwent a myriad of skin treatments. In my early 20’s I turned to Leanne for help with the resulting scarring, open pores and cystic lumps. Heritage Healers has made a difference with my skin to such an extent that friends have commented on how ‘well I’m looking’ and ‘how good my skin appears’. For one who always had negative comments or stares this is a great feeling. The routine is simple, effective and unlike many treatments I have tried it works! Thank you !!!”

Penny, School Teacher, 35 – NSW, Australia.

“I really am amazed with the effect on my skin. In about 3 days I noticed that my skin is smoother, so soft to touch, and I could feel that I’m very much younger than my age. I’m now confident that with the Heritage Healers skincare products and treatments getting older is not a problem.”

Teresa, 58.

“The idea of nurturing your mind and body to promote well-being is much more relevant to today’s women. That’s what beauty is all about, feeling good about yourself.”

Alix Johnson – MARIE CLAIRE Health Writer.

“The Heritage Healers treatment left me feeling calm, totally relaxed and with an all over feeling of well-being.”

Elizabeth Cocozza – SHE Beauty Editor.

“My Heritage Healers treatment was divine and I love the products. This is definitely the future of beauty.”

Victoria Mills – VOGUE Beauty Editor

“Working from the inside out, clients achieve far greater results in looking their best. It’s reflected in healthy skin, the alleviation of skin disorders and a well-being otherwise unachievable through traditional skin treatments.”

Stephanie Xirokostas – Beauty On Crown SALON, Sydney, Australia.