Ayurvedic Facials

Immerse yourself in the healing world of Ayurveda – a sacred space where your mind, body, soul and skin are blissfully nurtured and united.

We balance the body’s diverse energies using your personal wildflower essence remedy and the ancient art of Ayurvedic energy work – known as Chakra Balancing – working with the body’s natural flow of energy to release stress, re-align and restore balance.

Ayurvedic Facials

Soul & Skin Spa Ritual

1 & 1/2 hrs

The ultimate facial indulgence, this holistic beauty ritual nurtures your skin and senses on every level – leaving you with the radiant youthful glow of good health and complete well-being.

Wildflower essences, the finest aromatherapy oils and purest organic skin care are all applied with a caring and deeply relaxing touch. While naturally revitalising the skin we balance the body’s inner energies using the ancient Ayurvedic healing art of Chakra Balancing.

Working with the natural flow of energy your therapist moves through the major meridians and chakras, applying the essences, gently releasing stress to restore inner balance and harmony. As healing hands glide across your body, stress melts away like ice on a summer day.

Chakra Balancing

30 min

A multi dimensional spirit reviver that targets the energy centres of the face and body with wildflower essences and unique Ayurvedic Chakra Balancing techniques that profoundly affect both the physical and spiritual body. Includes Heritage Healers signature relax and de-stress aromatherapy cleanse.

Ayurvedic Chakra Massage

1 & 1/2 hrs

This is the treat for you if you’re feeling weary and fragile, afterwards you will be rested and revived, with great clarity and clear white eyes that speak of heaven!

Begin your transit to tranquility with the healing touch of an elemental aromatherapy massage and a beautiful facial cleanse with warmed aromatherapy towels.

Complete your journey with flowing energy work movements and wildflower essences, lovingly delivered to every chakra centre, opening the heart, re-aligning mind, body and soul.

Tri-dosha Healing Clays

1 & 1/2 hrs

Working with Healing Clays matched to the Ayurvedic doshas, your expert therapist designs this unique facial to your skin’s needs. As the mineral rich clays balance and energise the skin, personalised natural healing therapies dissolve stress and tension. The result is a radiant and silky soft, stress-free complexion.

Eupho2ria O2 Facial

1 & 1/2 hrs

Eupho2ria is a powerful healing journey for the soul and skin. Release stress with natural healing therapies; an oxygen gas power facial renews your skin; balance and recharge your chakras with Ayurvedic energy work, while breathing pure O2 gas for deep relaxation and rejuvenation. This is Eupho2ria – the ultimate wellness experience!