Body Essentials

Awaken and strengthen all aspects of your spirit, relieve your stresses, soothe your senses and re-define your journey.

Your Skin

Wattle Husk Body Polish

1 & 1/4 hrs

Sweep away all beauty sins of dryness, and rough skin with a massage mix of ground wattle husks and your warmed elemental aromatherapy oil. Instantly refines skin texture leaving a silky smooth re-energised and bright skin tone. Finish with a lavish saturation of creamy body milk full of healing wildflower essences, Thyme, Hawthorne and Aloe to nourish and hydrate.

Wildflower Back Facial

45 min

Just because it is out of sight, don’t let it be out of mind – your back will never feel the same again! We whisk away dead surface cells with sacred sea salts and elemental aromatic oils, and follow with the warmth of nutrient rich mineral mud; a blissful scalp massage completely re-energises soul and skin. Emerge renewed, skin rejuvenated. Feel free to bare your back!

Wildflower Foot Spa

20 min

Say goodbye to roughened, dry skin. Soothe the feet in a bath of warmed elemental oils, sun dried salts and wildflower essences. Gateways to relaxation and tension relief, they deserve the pampering.

Mineral Mud Healing Wrap

1 & 1/2 hrs

A body extravagance that starts with the therapeutic goodness of wildflower essences, pure sea salts and your elemental aromatherapy oil, all blended to cleanse the skin free of impurities. Then, cocooned in lush mud, let the earth’s natural minerals eliminate toxins and tone your skin, all while your senses are indulged in a heavenly scalp massage or Mini-Flower facial.

Wildflower Regenerative Wrap

1 & 1/4 hrs

A wildflower journey to perfect skin and relaxation. Let us calm you with wildflower essences, then sweep away tensions, troubles and dead surface cells with refined sea salts and elemental aromatherapy. Follow with a luxurious and lavish infusion of soothing body milk and oils, and a blissful scalp massage, as all nature’s nutrients moisturise and nourish for total skin regeneration.