Holistic Peels

Effective, yet gentle, these peel treatments will boost cellular renewal, stimulating skin rejuvenation for a fresh, youthful new look.

Holistic Peels

Grape Wine Peel

1/2 hr

This peeling treatment is based on a 20% fruit acid complex that gently, but effectively, removes the top layer of skin cells stimulating cellular renewal and revitalising the skin. Grape wine extracts provide essential polyphenol nutrients and antioxidants to calm, nourish and revitalise; the result is an instantly smoother, refined skin – without irritation. For best results an intensive course is recommended.

Grape Wine Peel with Collagen

1 hr

Instantly erase your wrinkles with a grape wine peel followed by an intense infusion of pure collagen. The skin rejuvenating grape wine peel beautifully prepares the skin for a 100% saturation of super hydrating collagen for a soothing and replenishing skin boost. This powerful facial both refines and hydrates to reveal a radiant new, more youthful skin.

Papaya Enzyme Peel

Harnessing the natural enzymatic exfoliation action of papaya and pineapple, this tropical treatment gently softens, brightens and clears the complexion. Skin is left incredibly clean, smooth and radiant – it is the perfect skin preparation for maximum delivery of our super intensive anti- ageing actives – ask for an upgrade in your next facial and discover a new level of results!