Let our skilled therapists take you on a sensory journey of wildflower healing, working inside and out to create life-balance, total well-being and a youthful vitality.

Tibetan Healing Facial

1 hr

Experience a new level of wellness, with this unique Ayurvedic inspired healing ritual.

Designed and customised to the unique needs of your skin and lifestyle, this holistic spa facial merges ancient Tibetan healing traditions with professional skincare to enhance your skin health, energy and well-being.

With gentle strokes, Kansa – the sacred Ayurvedic healing metal of India – gently harmonises and re-charges the aura, smoothing wrinkles and rejuvenating the skin. Mineral rich clays refine and purify the skin while the healing sounds of Tibetan singing bowls fill the room, resonating with your chakras, clearing and energising.

The result is a powerful sense of complete healing, that delivers total well-being and radiant, silky soft skin.

Soul & Skin Spa Ritual

1 & 1/2 hrs

The ultimate facial indulgence, this holistic beauty ritual nurtures your skin and senses on every level – leaving you with the radiant youthful glow of good health and complete well-being.

Wildflower essences, the finest aromatherapy oils and purest organic skin care are all applied with a caring and deeply relaxing touch. While naturally revitalising the skin we balance the body’s inner energies using the ancient Ayurvedic healing art of Chakra Balancing.

Working with the natural flow of energy your therapist moves through the major meridians and chakras, applying the essences, gently releasing stress to restore inner balance and harmony. As healing hands glide across your body, stress melts away like ice on a summer day.

Eupho2ria O2 Facial

1 & 1/2 hrs

Eupho2ria is a powerful healing journey for the soul and skin. Release stress with natural healing therapies; an oxygen gas power facial renews your skin; balance and recharge your chakras with Ayurvedic energy work, while breathing pure O2 gas for deep relaxation and rejuvenation. This is Eupho2ria – the ultimate wellness experience!