Skincare Intesives

In urgent need of some serious skin care? These intensive facials deliver a fast boost of regenerating actives directly into the skin.

The Divine Goddess Facial

1 hr

Discover the Goddess in you with nature’s most powerful wrinkle remover found only in the beautiful Hibiscus flower – this natural beauty secret works like Botox to smooth dynamic wrinkles and banish fine lines!

Combined with your choice of Caviar, Vitamin C or Whitening actives your journey to beauty begins with an aromatic relax and de-stress cleanse, followed by a cooling and soothing active massage mask.

To complete the transformation your fine lines are then targeted with an intensive anti-ageing infusion of pure collagen and Myoxinol – nature’s own Botox, extracted from the Hibiscus flower – while a gentle scalp massage soothes your inner soul. Awaken to reveal the Goddess in you.

Express Active

45 mins

In a wonderfully cooling and soothing facial massage, potent actives are released from a freeze-dried organic biomatrix and infused into the skin. Choose the Express Active facial for your skin’s needs.

  • Express Caviar – great for all skin types, especially mature, dry and ageing skin.
  • Express Vitamin C – great for all skin types, especially fatigued and stressed skin.
  • Express Whitening – brings a new natural alternative to the challenge of pigmentation and skin lightening.

For best results an intensive course is recommended.

Peptide Power

1 hr

The ultimate combat for life’s ‘little attacks’ on the skin. This ultra-firming power facial pumps high performance anti- ageing actives deep into the skin. The unique combination of plant-derived bio-peptides instantly erases facial wrinkles for naturally smoother, firmer and healthier skin. This peel off mask treatment is an amazingly powerful skin restoration system, for immediate and long-term visible wrinkle reduction.

Skin Calma Facial

1 hr

Sweet relief for even the most sensitive, couperose and rosacea-prone skin! Skin soothing herbals are combined with clinically-proven actives, including capillary repairing Vitamin K, all infused deep into the skin under a cooling peel-off mask.

This great anti-inflammatory treatment will instantly reduce facial redness and calm dry, irritated reactive skin; will also help repair skin that has been over-exposed to the sun.