Which Serum or Elixir to Choose

With our diverse range of intensive serums and elixirs there are many options – so how do we choose which is best for which skin type / concern ?

which skin intensive


Our initial recommendation for adding an anti-ageing boost to your skincare regime is to start with one of the following serums:

HA Serum – with Hyaluronic Acid
Primary function = hydration, boosts skin moisture levels.
Best for Combination Dry and Sensitive skin types.

CHA Serum – with Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C
Primary function = anti-ageing, skin firming and brightening.
Best for Normal skin types through to Dry / Mature.


Our vitamin C elixir and vitamin A&E elixir are specialty products designed to target and treat specific skin concerns.

Although these two products can work effectively in combination with the HA or CHA serums, we generally recommend the vitamin C and vitamin A& E elixirs are best used individually, or together, as a short INTENSIVE COURSE, applied morning AND night, (if use both – apply vitamin C in morning, vitamin A&E at night), temporarily replacing the HA or CHA serums in your regime.

vitamin C elixir
The ability of this serum to stimulate new collagen synthesis, and brighten the skin make it the ideal anti-ageing serum for environmentally damaged skin. It is excellent for skin hydration, repair and regeneration, fighting radicals, and bringing new life to previously tired, stressed and dull skin (especially smokers).

vitamin A&E elixir
The vitamin A in this elixir works to smooth and refine the skin, whilst vitamin E aids skin healing and regeneration; excellent for the treatment of acne scarred, sun-damaged, and ageing skin.


IMPORTANT : for best results apply serum or elixir to cleansed skin, allow to absorb, and then ALWAYS apply an appropriate moisturiser (- eye cream, meridian, euphoria and/or chakra nourishing cream- ) over the top of your serum or elixir.