A natural facelift…

with no needles, no knife and no downtime for your clients!

The world’s most advanced non-surgical skin tightening and lifting technology. HIFU is a safe, ultrasound treatment designed for anti-ageing, facial lifting and body sculpting – to remove wrinkles, tighten and lift sagging skin, and melt body fat.

Reduces deep wrinkles

Lifts & firms sagging skin

Tightens and smooths

Improves definition

Erases fine lines

Rejuvenates & refines

Reduces open pores

Contours and sculpts

HIFU – High Intensity Focused Ultrasound - Before and After

Wipe away fine lines and look 5 to 10 years younger!

Micro-shots of high intensity focused ultrasound energy are beamed through the surface of the skin stimulating new collagen synthesis while at the same time tightening muscles, improving skin texture, reducing wrinkles, firming and lifting the skin, giving you a sculpted, tightened and lifted new look… naturally.



  • Specialist device for HFU Facial Lifting
  • Next Gen CENTRELESS HIFU transducer technology
  • High frequency (up to 10MHz) = faster, more precise
  • New technology is LESS PAINFUL than other HIFU
  • Slim cartridge design, perfect for treating around eyes & mouth areas
  • Super portable – treat anywhere, anytime
  • Unique iPhone interface and IOT connectivity
  • TGA approved (ARTG Identifier: 329910)


  • Specialist device for HIFU Body Sculpting
  • Simple & safe Smart Mode with pre-set energy / spacing parameters
  • 10 Gear line system ensures delivery of an evenly spaced uniform matrix of HIFU lines over a larger area in one shot for best results
  • 4.0 MHz for stable deeper penetration (up to 16.0 mm)
  • Long lifespan 20,000 line Cartridges
  • TGA Approved (ARTG Identifier: 357130)

Glowing praise from Salons and Clients

“You won’t get a more reliable and effective device that is also affordable in my view, with well researched and proven protocols, not to mention superior knowledge, training and ongoing support & PD from the @Heritagehealers Team! … their input has been integral to my ongoing business success, which has now just grown to 4 Specialist HIFU Clinics in WA!”
Eileen, WA

“Paul from Heritage Healers comes from a science background, which is important when doing these deeper treatments. Their HIFU treatment protocol is what you need to safely get the best results for your clients.”
Shantelle, VIC

“HIFU is the latest, most amazing treatment hitting the beauty scene. One week after my GLOW treatment and my skin tone has evened and I can definitely see the changes in texture and feel. The results are AMAZING! If you want to look your best, without invasive injections and that plastic Kardashian clone look, than I highly recommend trying HIFU.”
Jody, NSW

The benefits to your business

HIFU is revolutionary – a new and exciting technology for 3 key reasons

First, it is the closest technology to a true surgical face-lift; HIFU targets the SMAS (muscle layer of the skin) in exactly the same way as a Cosmetic Surgeon uses a Laser in a full face-lift, but after the skin is peeled back

Second – incredibly, there is NO damage to the skin surface = NO down-time!

Thirdly, HIFU offers your clients a REAL natural alternative to the needles and knife!

Learn how HIFU can transform your business … and your LIFE!

– with easy finance and amazing EOFY Start-Up SPECIALS!

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