Even through these most difficult times, there are opportunities to make changes, shift direction and rejuvenate your business …

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This is Kirsty’s inspirational story … our Hollywood HIFU Facialist

Kirsty – Owner, Ozone Beauty & Medi-Spa, NSW

Hi, it is with great pleasure & excitement that I have been asked to share my amazing journey with HIFU for Heritage Healers …

As a Heritage Healers trained therapist since 2000 I have always been inspired by the knowledge, love and guidance Leanne & Paul bring to the beauty industry. So in 2017 when Leanne introduced me to HIFU I jumped in boots ‘n’ all, left my full time high school math teaching job & bought the Apolomed HIFU.

My regular loyal clients all supported my investment and I worked with Apolomed HIFU for 2 years and continually developed my skills in both body & facial HIFU treatments.

During this time I gained the confidence of Kerry Armstrong and am now a celebrity HIFU facialist as she endorses my treatments. I have since treated other Australian actresses from Wentworth and Seachange and been positively reviewed in Australian WHO magazine.

This exposure and public confidence in my work has raised my self-esteem and transformed my business focus from a traditional beauty therapy day spa to a unique Medi Spa providing holistic Anti Ageing solutions.

When I bought the UTIMS PRO in January 2020 my HIFU work went next level as I travelled to Melbourne to treat Kerry & her friends at the Crown Towers.

I’ve thrived through Covid in style with HIFU, now my number one service.

I still work, but do more of what I want to do, I definitely earn more and have doubled my turnover and don’t need to employ staff to be successful. I can easily travel with my work and have established a clinic at home. The other week I made a client very happy with a HIFU treatment & I made $1,250 before 10am on a Saturday whilst watching my chickens in the garden.

I just launched a new website to promote my mobile work as well as renovating my Brunswick Heads Ozone Beauty & Medi Spa & my home clinic to adjust to my new found fabulous natural face-lifting work.

And even more exciting, my client base has recently expanded to include some very exclusive VIPs … with private home HIFU treatments for a number of A list Hollywood stars that choose to live in and around Byron Bay!

All my clients love the results which are immediate and on-going. HIFU changes lives for the better and in my opinion is an essential and much needed alternative to injectables or surgery.

Can’t cross the border or go overseas. Have HIFU!

Thanks Leanne for your generous spirit  xx

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